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Meeting each other halfway!

Skilling Youth, Networking Communities!

Community Interest Company

Learning, Attainment & Behaviour


50-50 SYNC is a micro Community Interest Company (CIC) or social enterprise set up in 2011. The company directors have extensive levels of knowledge and experience in education, sports coaching, youth and play work. Our social mission is to skill youth by embedding character skills, attributes and values that help to raise learning, attainment and behavioural outcomes. We seek to network communities by using technology to make our successful system and programmes safe, malleable and scalable

50-50 LAB is a social and emotional personal development system and range of intervention programmes. The system enables every child to experience responsibility and feel continual acknowledgement, recognition, praise and reward for their efforts inside and outside of the classroom. The process helps every child to self-regulate, self-assess, self-reflect and build self-efficacy. The technology enables the system to be implemented seamlessly within different settings. Teaching staff can use 50-50 LAB in their classroom or outside. Parent/carers can use the LAB at home with their children. Sports coaches can also use 50-50 LABs to help embed key social skills, improve attitudes and engage more children and young people in positive activities.

50-50 LAB ‘Unlocking the Undiscovered Potential in Every Child’ is part of the solution to help eradicate deep rooted and sometimes generational, negative mindsets towards education, sport and employment. 50-50 LAB supports the mental health and wellbeing needs of children and young people, by building their confidence and resilience, reducing anxiety, and improving concentration and focus.

There are 4 layers to the 50-50 LAB application: LAB School, LAB Home, LAB Sport and LAB Club. We are also developing an application for Key Stage 4 called 50-50 PAD.


We are 50-50 SYNC CIC, a Community Interest Company. Our mission is to support children and young people in their social and emotional learning and equip them with tools that enable them to be less anxious, develop confidence and improve in concentration and focus.

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