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Who we are

50-50 SYNC CIC is a 'micro sized' social enterprise set up in 2011. We have a combined 30 years’ worth of experience working within various Local Authority (LA) children services and both primary and secondary mainstream and special school settings including PRU's.

What we do

We provide a targeted response with specific aims and objectives to address ‘pupil engagement’ issues at both ends of the scale; those children in school settings and those children missing in education. We provide skill-based interventions which cultivate ‘work ready mindsets’. We assess the needs of the child through six mechanisms of change which impact employability capabilities.

Why we do it

To support all children and young people to engage in education and develop employability skills to enhance their life outcomes.

When we do it

We operate throughout the year providing targeted interventions to children and young people during term time and school holidays. 

How we do it

We provide LAB practitioner training combined with access to our 50-50 LAB system to underpin our interventions that are designed to engage children in education and provide them with employability skills. Our intervention work can be delivered either face-to-face or remotely through video conferencing and communication platforms.

Our Interventions

COVID-19 Reintegration Programme

We are currently supporting young people who have difficulties to re-engage in their education via our new remote support programme. Through video conferencing technology and our 50-50 LAB app, we provide a network of support to the young person, their family and tutors/teachers. 
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Successful Engagement
Individual Pupil Support Programme

We’ve successfully re-engaged individually pupils across the vulnerability spectrum to improve in their learning, attitude and behavioural outcomes. 
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Pupils Supported
Whole School Support Programme

50-50 LAB is designed to support teachers with their class, year groups and whole school through monitoring each pupils wellness, feelings, behaviour, relationships, attitudes, skills and abilities.

Pupils Supported
Supporting Mental Health in Football

Supporting mental health and wellness in football
50-50 LAB improves player engagement, connects parent/carer and expands the FA’s 4 corner model by evidencing ‘Technical’ and ‘Physical’ player progression whilst enhancing ‘Social’ and Psychological player development.

Players Supported
Extra-Curricular Targeted Interventions

Our LAB leadership programme enhances positive engagement, wellness, behaviour and establishes a readiness for learning in pupils before returning to the classroom. 

Pupils Supported
Employability Skills Programme 

Our Employability Skills Programme helps employers onboard newly appointed staff, trainees, apprentices and interns with work-readiness skills, utilising our 50-50 PAD system.

Successful Interventions