Overview of the programme

50-50 zones are learning platforms that promote and allow practise of safe play, leadership social skills.

Pupils are briefed on activities and given character skills to display. Points are awarded to pupils for how well they display the character skill.

Features of the programme

  • All activities can be turned into LAB zones including, football and all other sports, reading zones.
  • Pupils are given responsible roles as LAB learners, LAB workers or LAB leaders during unstructured times of the day.
  • Consultation to review interventions to improve unstructured times of the day.
  • Lunchtime staff and TA training opportunities.
  • Transition intervention to create calmer school environment and enhance pupil engagement.
  • Implementation of LAB Zone framework including:-
  • Promotion of safer play;
  • Reduction of behavioural and first aid incidents;
  • Digital solutions and systems to report and evidence incidents;
  • Pupil Leadership Programme to reduce pupil anxiety and enhance integration during unstructured times of the day;
  • Developing and embedding social skills in situ.


  • 50-50 zones enable every child to feel calmer, more relaxed and composed before going back into their classroom after break and lunchtimes.
  • Reduces behaviour incidents
  • Reduces first-aid incidents
  • Reduces pupils’ anxiety
  • Increases pupils’ confidence


50-50 SYNC is a micro community interest company with over 20 years’ experience of delivering highly successful, technology enabled early intervention and prevention programmes with children and young people from across the vulnerability spectrum.

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