50-50 LAB is a successful attitude and effort enhancing, character skill based, personal development system.

It is designed to improve an individual’s attitudes and efforts, whilst embedding key learning processes. The basis of the system is to enable every child to experience and feel the benefits of being acknowledged, recognised, praised and rewarded for their efforts and attitudes towards tasks and learning objectives.

The process helps every child to develop emotional self-regulation and embed emotional resilience.

The technology enables the system to be implemented seamlessly within different school, sport and home platforms. The LAB system captures these learning opportunities and outcomes, giving them a value and stores them where the child can self-reflect and then make better informed decisions.

Teaching staff use LAB School to embed, monitor and measure character skill-based education, improve pupil engagement, establish good working ethics and enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Parent/carers use LAB Home with their children to embed social skills, improve behaviour, reduce anxiety and build confidence.

Sports coaches and club leaders use LAB Sport or LAB Club to help embed, monitor and measure social skills, improve engagement, build positive attitudes and establish stronger teamwork principles in children and young people.


50-50 SYNC is a micro community interest company with over 20 years’ experience of delivering highly successful, technology enabled early intervention and prevention programmes with children and young people from across the vulnerability spectrum.

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