50-50 SYNC are launching their 50-50 LAB Score – Character Skill development app across 530 pupils in one mainstream School. All the pupils from years 1 – 6 in the School will be scored on applying various Character Skills to every learning objective these Scores will enable them to unlock various roles, awards and certificates.

Parents and carers of all the pupils will be able to receive live notifications to their mobile phones about their child’s scores as soon as each lesson, session or activity is over.

Children will have their own logins where they access their own engaging interfaces and track their individual development and successes, their current role, awards and certificates. Senior leaders in the School will be able to track trends and thus provided targeted support where needed.

The app has been piloted at 50-50 SYNC’s Alternative Education Provision and at various other clubs and provisions and has proven to successfully enhance, evaluate and evidence children’s learning, attainment and behaviour, increase their enthusiasm and responsibility towards everyday tasks and activities and improve attendance.


50-50 SYNC is a micro community interest company with over 20 years’ experience of delivering highly successful, technology enabled early intervention and prevention programmes with children and young people from across the vulnerability spectrum.

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