50-50 SYNC runs an off-site alternative provision for pupils on short and long term exclusion from mainstream or special Schools.

The Senior Mentors use LAB Score to support the referrerd pupils, including those with complex needs and those with extreme challenging behaviour, helping them to improve their growth-mindsets and to change their negative feelings towards the School environment and learn strategies to replace negative behaviour patterns.

LAB Capture enables 50-50 SYNC to provide the Schools and referring agencies of the pupil to be kept up to date with regular E-Journals that show evidence of progression in key areas of concern, photos of sessions the pupil has been engaged in, and lesson outcomes.
50-50 SYNC is supporting pupils who are on short and long term exclusions from mainstream School settings in its Alternative Education Provision at the 50-50 Learning Centre.

The pupils are given a Character Skill score in every activity whether education, self-reflection or community integration, and these individual session scores allow them to build up day score. This then affects their LAB (5-day score) and their Role.

50-50 LAB enables children to take on the roles of Peer Learner, Peer Leader and Role Model depending on the effort they have applied to their set Character Skills.

Pupils who previously were unable to apply themselves to their work in mainstream School have been enabled to not only achieve at the expected level of their age, but enjoy and take pride in their learning, attainment and behaviour.


We are 50-50 SYNC CIC, a Community Interest Company. Our mission is to support children and young people in their social and emotional learning and equip them with tools that enable them to be less anxious, develop confidence and improve in concentration and focus.

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